Our Micro-Sanctuary

When our dog Scarlet came into our lives, Brian and Tania Luna vowed to transform our home into a micro-sanctuary. Our fur family began with dogs and cats but has expanded to include pigs, goats, and more to come!

With each new member of our family, our lives get a little harder and a lot more joyful.

Meet the strange and wonderful creatures who make up our family:


Loki Mal Perro Luna

AKA: Loke, LoLo, Buddy Boy, Box Kitteh

Loki was left in a box outside the vet clinic where Tania worked in 2007. Though he's the oldest member of our fur family, he is also the most mischievous. His hobbies include opening doors, eating forbidden dog food, and sitting in boxes. His purr can be heard from across the room, and he meows whenever someone sneezes.

Huckleberry Flair Luna

AKA: Huck, Bean, Buckle, Favorite

In 2015, we found Huckleberry scuttling across a highway in Texas and lured her into our car with sprinkle cookies. She was emaciated and terrified. Today, she is the top dog on the block and knows it. Her interests include making pillow forts, riding shotgun, and being everyone's favorite. The love of her life is her human daddy, Brian.


Ripley Rhodes Luna

AKA: Rip, Ripper, Pirley, Big Red

Ripley joined our family in 2016 thanks to Paws4Survival Rescue and the Sato Project. She was a stray in Puerto Rico (where 97% of shelter dogs are euthanized). She adores goats, cats, running really fast, cuddling really hard, and dancing with her humans. The love of her life is her dog sister, Huckleberry.

Rumble Piper Luna

AKA: Rum Rum, Rumbalina, Shadow, Oreo

After getting hit by a car in Miami and spending nearly a year in a shelter, Rumble finally found her home with us in 2021, thanks to Animal Haven Rescue. She is partially paralyzed but fully unstoppable. Her hobbies include eating very fast, cars, cars, cars, snuggling while napping, and being everyone's shadow.

Rumble 5.heic

The Impossible Meatball Macho Man Luna

AKA: Meaty, Meat Man, Señor Smoosh Face

Meatball was found on the streets of Philly and made his way into our lives in 2022, thanks to Freedom First Rescue. He bears many scars from a hard past but also hopes hard, loves hard, cuddles hard, and snores (very) hard.

The Outlaw Josey Mysterio Luna

AKA: Jo, Zhu Zhu, Josephina, JoJo Bear

Josey lost her first home because the landlord didn't allow pigs. Luckily, we found each other through the Pig Placement Network in 2020. She was badly malnourished and had never set hoof outside. Now she loves to graze, root, and get zoomies in the yard, then head inside for belly rubs. She's also a fan of Fleetwood Mac and learning new tricks, like playing the piano.


Remington Squeal Bam Bam Luna

AKA: Remi, Little Man, Rem Rem, Rooty

Remi's first family could no longer afford to care for him. He came to us through the Pig Placement Network in 2020 and instantly rooted his way into our hearts. He is equal parts cuddle bug and explorer. His favorite pastimes include getting ear scratches, splashing around in a kiddie pool, and making mischief.

Pete P.S. Hays Luna

AKA: Peter, Texas Pete, Petey, Venkman

Pete and his goat brothers, Ray and Egon (The Goatbusters) had to find a new home when their human got sick in 2021. We call him Texas Pete because of his Texas-shaped marking and big, bold Texan attitude. He is gregarious, resilient, and likes to sniff people's faces.


Ray Buddy Jack Luna

AKA: Ray Ray, Raymond, Floof, Stanz

Ray, goat brother of Pete and Egon, joined our herd in 2021 and is our local escape artist. He taught us everything we know about secure fencing thanks to his getaway attempts. (Pete told on him each time.) He is a high jumper, head bumper, and heart thumper.

Egon Gordy Luna

AKA: Eegs, Eegy Pop, Bud Bud, Spangler

Egon came to live with us in 2021, along with Pete and Ray. He was skittish and skeptical at first but has now become our velcro goat. He loves face pets, butt scratches, bananas, cranberries, chewing on people's clothes, and lounging in the sunshine.


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