Project Homer

Most sanctuaries and adoption-based rescues are stretched too thin. They don’t have time to find the very tools that could save them time and energy. Project Homer exists to make their administrative work less labor intensive so they have more time to do what they do best: save animals and help them find loving homes.


Making Rescuers' Lives Easier So They Can Save More Lives

The Scarlet Moon team does the work to find the most efficient and user-friendly solutions and helps rescues implement them – all free of charge.

  • Selecting the exact tools you need: Every rescue is different, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to the work you do. The Scarlet Moon team will review your current system and discuss your organization’s “wishlist.” We’ll find tools that meet your goals and help you set them up. If there’s any cost to those resources, we’ll cover them for you. All along the way, we’ll also document your upgraded workflow so that training new members of your organization is a breeze.

  • Streamlining your process: Rescues can spend hundreds of hours answering the same (frustrating) questions over and over, on long back-and-forths trying to schedule appointments, or tracking down information that’s gotten lost in their inboxes. Scarlet Moon will help streamline and even automate those parts of your workflow, for example: setting up an easy scheduling tool, creating auto-replies for frequently-asked questions, filing adopter information into a user-friendly database, and automatically following up with contacts to invite them to make donations. If you’d like, we’ll even take care of any data entry or manual processes involved in transitioning to more efficient new systems.

  • Helping you educate adopters, volunteers, and the public: Education is an important part of many rescues’ missions, but not everyone has the time to offer or attend live webinars or events. We’ll help you create online courses that you can make available to anyone you wish, at no cost to you. We can either work with you to bring your own training materials to life, or you can pass on our educational resources to fosters, adopters, volunteers, donors, and the general public. Sample topics include: deciding whether an animal is the right match for you, preparing your home for an animal, reading body language, and addressing common behavior challenges using positive reinforcement.

Are you a sanctuary or adoption-based rescue looking to update your system or develop educational materials?