Project Homer

Helping more animals find a home

Our goal is to help rescue organizations save time and headaches, without sacrificing placement quality. In the short-term, we are helping rescuers streamline their adoption and communication processes. In the long-term, we are building more user-friendly and efficient adoption tools.


Mainstreaming Micro-Sanctuaries

Sanctuaries reimagined

Helping millions of micro-sanctuaries spring up around the world can gradually dismantle systems of abuse. There can only be so many large sanctuaries, but there can be countless small spaces of refuge. Maybe your home can become one too?


Our Micro-Sanctuary

A multi-species refuge

Our rescue journey began with cats and dogs and has expanded to encompass animals not typically considered for adoption. We've turned our home into a sanctuary for pigs, goats, and more.


Building Rescue Communities

A time and place to care for the people who care for animals.

We host free monthly virtual events where community members can learn from one another on topics they care about most, from compassion fatigue to retaining volunteers to species-specific challenges, and everything in between.