About the Micro-Sanctuary Movement

The micro-sanctuary movement is based on the premise that “our space and our resources, no matter how limited, often are still sufficient for us to provide sanctuary to individual animals right now…” 


Enabling millions of micro-sanctuaries to spring up around the world can dismantle systems of abuse. There can only be so many large sanctuaries, but there can be countless small spaces of refuge for a small number of animals.

What’s more, these loving relationships can serve as inspiration and education to all those who come into contact with them, erasing the ‘us vs. them’ divide between people and animals and changing consumer actions. 

So, what is a micro-sanctuary? Here are the principles we've adopted,

inspired by the Microsanctuary Movement (with some adjustments):

  • Treat the animals in you care as family, residents, or roommates rather than possessions. 

  • Always ensure the safety and well-being (physical and emotional) of all residents, including providing adequate enrichment and ensuring all interactions are consensual. 

  • Do not allow breeding of residents, and spay/neuter when appropriate.

  • Do not perpetuate animal use and abuse by purchasing animals or exploiting them by selling their products (e.g., milk, eggs) or offering them up for entertainment (e.g., setting up a petting zoo).

  • Highlight animals as individuals, and lower the barrier to entry for others who wish to contribute to all beings living with equal access to freedom and dignity (e.g., support adopting, going vegan, volunteering).

  • Research your local ecosystem, and build your space in a way that does not harm local species.

  • Make your sanctuary a space of collective liberation, where beings of all species (including humans) can be safe from violence, oppression, and exploitation.

COMING SOON: Resources to transform your home into a sanctuary.